Brexit Statement

We were pleased that the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement was secured on 24th December 2020. Confirmation that we can continue to trade with the EU in a tariff free environment is a huge advantage we were keen to maintain because of the value we put on our ability to work with customers and partners within the EU.

We are well placed with the carriers we have engaged to ensure we can manage the additional administrative requirements, although we regret that it may take longer to transport goods to our customers within the EU, at least in the short term.

To support the new administrative requirements, we have asked all EU customers to confirm their EORI number and a finance or accounts team contact with us to support efficient processing of the required paperwork. This is the only additional information we currently require from customers and we ask that all customers do ensure they provide this information. We are also amending our paperwork to ensure we comply with the additional requirement to confirm ‘Rules of Origin’ for our products to ensure this does not cause any issues with customs processes.

If you have any questions about our exporting processes or any other queries regarding our products, please contact your usual sales representative or alternatively email

January 2021