Encocam Ltd., the parent company of 8 brands, is an innovative and progressive engineering company, founded in 1988 by Dr Mike Ashmead.

One of the regions’ largest exporters, with offices in Spain, Germany, US and Japan, Encocam are leading experts in the development and manufacture of energy absorbers – products include both crash test barriers and crash test dummies (Anthropomorphic Test Devices).

Encocam is also well established in the manufacture of aluminium honeycomb and bespoke composite panels; architectural products; motorcycles, road safety products and other wide-ranging engineering services.

Our brands reflect the company development, in response to our customer needs. Mike Ashmead, founder of Encocam Ltd. had the vision to manufacture his own aluminium honeycomb to extend the company’s control over its value chain. Since 90% of Encocam’s products require aluminium honeycomb it was essential that the company had its own reliable source of supply. Consequently, Encocam setup its own manufacture of aluminium honeycomb and has now become a leading supplier all over the world. Due to the business expanding we moved premises and then opened new offices to increase our production and office capacity. As we have become more established in industries we work in, we have forged new business partnerships at home and abroad. We now have offices in Spain, Germany, US and Japan. A passion for Motorcycles led to us becoming a designer and manufacturer of motorbikes, using our engineering expertise to achieve this.

We have been lucky enough to win several awards over the years, including EEF Future Manufacturing Awards, Hunts Post and Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce. This is a reflection of the skill of our employees and highlights different areas of the business, which are recognised for their achievements.