Road Safety

Encocam has an Engineering and Product Development team who have worked alongside industry partners to develop road safety solutions.

Our Engineering and Product Development team and dedicated Project Manager work alongside industry partners to develop new and potentially lifesaving solutions for the road safety market. Utilising years of experience and contacts within the road safety industry we work together to identify gaps in the market where a solution is required. A prototype is then designed, developed and tested and then can be put on trial through our partners.

Projects include road barriers, impact absorbers, multi-faced folding sign systems, motorcycle protection and a Vehicle Sign System.

Our Insight Vehicle Sign System (see photo) was developed as a means of alerting drivers of a Learner or Provisional driver in a clearly visible way. This system has been developed as an alternative to traditional L plates.

Encocam has a division dedicated to the design of new innovative road safety products, designed to save the lives of road maintenance workers, motorists and pedestrians.

With the experience and expertise that our product development team has, our ability to design and develop pioneering and user-friendly products is second to none. With close links to industry partners, the road safety division is perfectly placed in order to create a safer environment in which to travel. We take pride in its ability to turn ideas into unique solutions and products. With our number of industry connections, as well as contacts in local and central government, Encocam is renowned within the industry, emerging as a leader in road safety solutions.

For more information on our road safety products please contact us.

Insight Vehicle Sign L Plate