Application & Interview Tips

Applying for engineering job vacancies at Encocam

Be prepared! Visit our company website and the individual brands; familiarise yourself with our company and the products that we manufacture. If you have specific requirements, (like night shift/day shift; part time/full time), make this clear when you apply.

Your Curriculum Vitae

Write your CV with the role you are applying for in mind, this should always contain:

Personal details – your name, email, address and contact phone number.

Personal statement – this should be brief and specifically tailored to the job you are applying for. Write objectively, summarising your current role and skill set, making sure you highlight any relevant experience.

Employment history – starting with your most recent role, demonstrating your relevant skills and abilities. Explain the accomplishments and achievement you gained from each role.

Education – with the most recent first, listing all professional qualifications and any awards you may have received.

Hobbies & Interests – This section, though not essential, helps show some of your personality.

Put it to one side and review with fresh eyes to see if it needs editing.

Before your interview

Think about why you would like to work for Encocam and what you hope to achieve. Prepare real-life examples that demonstrate your skills and ability to handle situations. Look at our social media to see what we are up to; we are on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and some brands are on Instagram. Think of any questions you want to ask, for example, hours of work, holiday allowance, salary expectations.

During your interview

The engineering job vacancies posted on our website are updated weekly, with many different roles across the company.

Application and interview tips