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Diversity and inclusivity are very important; we aim to create an environment which is supportive and encouraging for all employees. Strength lies in differences, not in similarities, and our ability to value and celebrate these differences is key to working for our company. We have a framework of company values for employees to work within.

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As an employer of an enterprising and talented workforce, we think it is important to recognise and celebrate success; we have an ‘Employee of the Month’ award to reward outstanding work, and Long Service Awards to acknowledge and thank our loyal employees. These awards are celebrated across the business. Professional career development is monitored regularly, and work-related training is available and encouraged.

We value individual opinions and have opportunities for employees to have their say; holding regular forums that give employees an opportunity to discuss company issues. Innovative and creative contributions are highly valued and rewarded; we work closely with our teams and collaborate with colleagues daily, sharing ideas and possible solutions to business problems. Each employee is encouraged to make their own contribution, helping to develop what we do and how we do it, whilst respecting the view of colleagues. Individual skills and qualities are welcomed, and continuous personal development encouraged. This culture is supportive of our customers, it helps us to embrace industry changes and drives innovation in a constantly developing environment.

Encocam communicates company developments via our internal magazine, monthly briefings and digital noticeboards so that all employees are aware of company plans and goals.

Social events held throughout the year give the opportunity to relax and get to know colleagues. We also participate in charity events and there are opportunities to take part in fun runs, bike rides, and obstacle courses with colleagues to support a variety of causes.

Our Offices

We have offices in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire: Blackstone, Central Services, Stonehill and Herald Motor Co. All are located in the Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate, within walking distance of each other. The offices cover several functions including Health & Safety, Quality and Environment, Accounts, HR, IT, Sales and Marketing, Maintenance, Purchasing, Supply and Despatch.


We have factories based in the same locations as the offices: Blackstone and Stonehill. Here we manufacture aluminium honeycomb, energy absorbers for the automotive industry, composite and architectural panels, as well as assembling our motorbikes and developing precision engineering products. The machinery used includes CNC milling machines from 3 to 5 axis, 3D printers, and sophisticated testing and certification equipment. We are able to produce quality components, jigs and fixtures, as part of a complete process incorporating part design, in-house prototyping, moulding and production.

Engineering & Product Development

Our growing Engineering & Product Development team play an integral role in the development of our innovative product range. We are specifically interested in applicants with a sound engineering knowledge who have an enquiring mind and are interested in pushing boundaries. Our forward-thinking team are highly innovative and influence the direction of our business. We offer a number of different jobs in engineering and have a state-of-the-art test facility on-site, with a firm commitment to invest in people and technology. View jobs in Engineering.


Our business thrives on the energy and ideas of young talent and here at Encocam we aim to inspire, mentor and engage those who are at the beginning of their careers. Whether you are about to leave school, studying at university or have just graduated, we have great opportunities to kick-start your journey. You will learn through experience and from those around you while gaining the invaluable skills you need.

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