Mykon manufacture and supply high-quality decorative composite panels to the architectural and interior design industry. Mykon’s creative surface solutions are based on the concept of how light has the ability to transform space and create different appearances and contrasts. By placing aluminium honeycomb core between toughened glass, acrylic or polycarbonate skins, Mykon offers customers a bespoke range of visually stunning products that have been used in flagship retail stores, showrooms, museums, art galleries and restaurants – even a Hollywood film set!

Mykon’s highly skilled craftsmen have created timeless bespoke panels for use throughout domestic, public and commercial building applications.

Prestigious conference centres, exclusive shopping complexes, state-of-the-art commercial spaces, boutique hotels and modern homes have all required us to create exciting focal points utilising a range of our production techniques and applications.

Architectural applications include:

Our product range includes:


Bonding polycarbonate, acrylic or glass with our hexagonal aluminium honeycomb centre produces the unique B-Clear ‘fish-eye’ effect, forming a panel characterised by its ability to combine inherent beauty with practical benefit. The B-Clear panel range has a 78% light transmittance value, achieved through the aluminium ‘fish-eye’ centre capturing and diffusing light, to create a welcoming and relaxed environment.

B-Clear ‘The Series’

Inspired by the unique bonding process of B-Clear, B-Clear ‘The Series’ offers a more translucent effect. These hand-crafted panels are available in a vast selection of colour finishes, cut into customer-specified shapes. B-Clear ‘The Series’ panels are manufactured by applying glass or polycarbonate outer skins to coloured acrylic or coloured honeycomb centres, creating the ‘fish-eye’ effect, synonymous with our standard B-Clear range.


The frosted skins of CrystalGlaze are bonded to hexagonal-shaped aluminium honeycomb core, forming a panel that limits the amount of light transmitted and creates a silhouette effect which adds character to any building. Combining frosted skins with honeycomb core ensures privacy without compromising on natural daylight, making CrystalGlaze panels the ideal alternative to comparable glass products including partitions and screens. A matte finish can be added to one or both panel sides, offering two different levels of opacity tailored to customer specifications.


Inspired by the Spanish sculptor, Eduardo Chillida, the Chillida range consists of sheets of high-quality steel, naturally aged by exposure to the elements over a short period of time, producing a visually stunning rusted panel effect. As each sheet of steel ages differently, no two sheets are alike, providing a totally unique and individual look for each project. After the steel has been sufficiently exposed it is sealed by a matt lacquer, preventing rust transferring from the surface.


Mykalite suspended ceiling tiles are naturally lightweight and extremely eye-catching. They are designed to be virtually maintenance free. High-quality aluminium sheets are pressed, creating an attractive shallow egg box profile, and then insulated with PIR foam. The tiles can then be left in their natural aluminium state or painted in a variety of colours to meet project specifications. The design is based on a variation of our ‘Pressload’ energy absorber, manufactured by one of our sister companies, ensuring the Mykalite effect is unique to Mykon.

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