The History of Encocam: when Mike Ashmead started Encocam 30 years ago, he did not anticipate how it would develop over the years. Through hard work and dedication of many people over the last 3 decades, we have grown in size and product range, and we continue to do so. Investment in equipment, buildings and personnel has supported this growth.

We celebrate our successes as a business but we will continue to listen to our customers and work with them, to develop the solutions they need. This ethos has helped steer the company in the many directions it has taken and will help us grow and develop further. In 2018 we celebrated 30 years of innovation and success in the engineering industry; we have been through much change over the years but have managed to adapt to our customer’s requirements and industry demands, establishing ourselves as a world leader.

Encocam is an active member of the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce, attending their events and workshops regularly and supporting their business initiatives. Dr Ashmead is a member of the CBI (Confederation of British Industry), benefiting from the events and services, attending forums and playing an active role in the business network.