Sustainability at Encocam

Sustainability standards across our business: our manufacturing process is complex and uses traditional methods, this brings many environmental challenges; we have a dedicated Quality and Environmental Management Team who maintain the company environmental standards. We use an Integrated Management System which consists of a Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) and an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015). The Encocam group aims for continual improvement in its environmental performance. As a company, we intend to meet environmental regulations, continually improve our environmental performance, minimise the use of natural resource and the production of pollution, whilst conserving the natural environment.

Sustainability standards for employees: each employee is given environmental training, it is down to each individual to act in an environmentally responsible way. We also use a Kanban system, a Japanese system for reordering components, which prevents a build-up of large amounts of stock. We support industry initiatives including the International Ride to Work Week, where we help promote the benefits of commuting on powered two-wheelers, including motorbikes.All employees are kept up to date with a regular environmental feature in the company magazine and training sessions.We take part in the Bike 2 Work scheme, where employees can buy tax-free bicycles to reduce car usage.

Energy saving

In relation to resources (water, gas, electricity and fuel), the company ethos is to be as economical as possible. We have begun an initiative to replace standard lighting with energy-saving LED lighting. We use energy management software on key equipment so consumption of gas, electric and water can be closely monitored. Our company cars are economical and energy efficient. To reduce the use of the raw materials in our processes (foil, aluminium, steel, pallets, cardboard/paper, cleaning cloths and chemicals), we reuse where possible before disposal. In the Pre-Treatment of the foil and Etch Bay Area for the crash test barriers, there has been an investment in an Aqueous Washing Plant to make the process more efficient and reduce the waste generated. Used water is passed through a Water Filtration System or Reverse Osmosis Unit which enables a pH7 to be restored so it can be used for our Etch bay area as part of our recycling initiative.


Where possible our waste is recycled. We are using certified Waste Management Suppliers for disposal of our waste using the latest technologies like Materials Recovery Facility and Refuse Derived Fuels. All waste steel and aluminium from our processes are collected and sent to recycling plants. All waste chemicals are disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with regulation. We had a target to send zero waste to landfill, which we have achieved and will continue to meet.