The quality inspection room at Encocam has recently been expanded by fifty percent to enable the addition of two new machines, increasing inspection efficiency and capacity for precision engineered parts.

Our precision engineering division, Stonehill Engineering, inspects every job to ensure it meets strict quality control measures before it leaves the factory. Precision engineered parts are measured at the beginning, middle and end of each batch, to ensure consistent quality. A dedicated Quality Control team with four Quality Inspectors is responsible for the process of checking dimensions and other part characteristics against the corresponding drawings and specifications. Quality procedures are computerised at each stage to ensure compliance with customer needs and quality standards.

A new Profile Projector magnifies the specimen part and displays its profile on the projection screen, which includes a grid allowing highly accurate dimension and angle measurements to be taken.

A Height Gauge is used to measure height or step dimensions as well as diameters, as well as centre to centre distance of bores or grooves and the size of grooves.

These two new machines complement the range of existing inspection equipment, which includes a 3-axis QCT gantry-type coordinate measuring machine (CMM), Faro arm, roughness gauge, hardness tester and a wide range of precision mechanical instruments and gauges, as well as calibrated granite tables. The machinery is well-maintained and constantly checked by qualified engineers to ensure full performance.

Items regularly inspected include parts for motorcycles and specialist test equipment for the automotive industry. It is imperative that consistent quality of these parts is achieved as they are placed under considerable stress during testing and in the field.

Encocam meets the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system requirements. This framework helps to control processes in order for consistent levels of quality and performance to be achieved.

For further information on our quality testing procedures and precision engineered parts, please contact us.